About me

I’m Youness Alaoui (a.k.a KaKaRoTo), Software Engineer and entrepreneur.

I spent 10 years of my life as project manager and (one of many) developer of aMSN, the Open source MSN client clone.

I used to be the maintainer of libnice, the open-source ICE (NAT-traversal) implementation.

I’m also the founder and developer of the PSFreedom, PL3, PS3MFW, ps3xport (and probably other PS3 hacking related) projects.

I’ve also done a lot of contirbutions to various projects, such as Farstream, GStreamer, GNOME, Pidgin, the EFL, etc.. You can see a full list of contributions on my openhub profile or my github repositories.

Lately, I’ve been involved in D&D related projects, I’ve created the Beyond 20 chrome extension, wrote R20Exporer and R20Converter to help move from using Roll20 to Using Foundry VTT, and wrote some FVTT modules to add various features and improving Quality of Life of DMs and players alike.

I have since founded a company, The Forge, providing the best hosting platform for Foundry VTT with many additional features.

You can now follow me and support me on Patreon.