8 thoughts on “aMSN 0.98.3 released!

  1. mY TrAY IcON HaZ BliNkIn’ sCreWed!

    Nice to see another release ๐Ÿ™‚ But there were some troubles with my trayblinking feautre :$, so, I beg a pardon. Next time we should test a little bit more before doing a release just after commiting a new feature =P

  2. hey bro, great that i can use it without it shutting down asap, anyways, ermmm how do i do it, so it can support typing in chinese? cuz like as soon as i write a chinese word, it diesโ€ฆ T.T like wtf? LOL. i need to use chinese from time to time, cuz like i’m learning chinese and shit. any help?

  3. This is my personal blog (KaKaRoTo), and I’m one of the developers of aMSN.
    The official blog for aMSN is at http://amsn-project.net/blog, and you already posted your question in that blog over there, and it resulted in the comments being locked.
    It’s ok, but just avoid doing it again.

  4. hey bro recently i downloaded 98.3 ver. an it was cool but
    from 8 hours ago my amcn is not able to connect is always
    in connecting page and never chage so im not able to see my
    contact list. but sometimes it is connected so people can
    write me but i still cant seein my contact list so wat could it b?

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