PS3: Why I don’t like the Hermes payload

First things first, the title says “why I don’t like the hermes Payload” so this has nothing to do with Hermes himself. I don’t know him, I never spoke to him, so I don’t know what kind of person he is and so I have no opinion on him personally. Now, I want to make some things clear, I’ve seen a lot of people criticize me for ‘bashing Hermes’, and many people seem to think that I’m trying to say “I’m better than him” or something. Also, it looks like I created some confusion with my comments from my previous blog post. So I want to apologize and make sure there is no confusion anymore : When I said that the hermes payload is ‘dangerous’, people misunderstood me.. no it is not specifically dangerous for your PS3, it won’t brick it or anything, the only ‘danger’ there is, is that it could (in some situations) crash… then you’d need to reboot, that’s it.. so don’t freak out about his work being harmful or anything, because as far as I know, it’s not! Some people also told me “give credit where its due”, and I want to do it, I’ve always given credit to people, every time I achieved something, I gave credit to those who helped me achieve it. I’m not looking for fame here (if I did, I would have announced PL3’s release 3 weeks ago when I created it) I’m just having some fun in my free time doing something that I like. Hermes did contribute some nice things, and I appreciate what he did, mainly he figured out how to fix the controller issues with some games, that was something very difficult to fix and I’m surprised at how fast he came up with a solution and it was a smart solution and all I can say is “good job”. The other stuff he did in his payload, I don’t like that much, and that’s what I want to cover in this post.. I may have been ‘harsh’, but I don’t see the point in trying to be diplomatic, I’m a programmer, not a politician. I don’t like his code, and I speak my mind, I’m being honest, and I’m not trying to criticize him without any reason, as far as I know, I’ve stayed respectful and that’s all that matters to me. To those who don’t want to know about all the technical details, let me ‘conclude’ here by saying that if the hermes payload works for you, then good, use it, I’m not telling people to stop using it, I’m not saying that PL3 works better either, maybe his payload works better in some situations, maybe not, but overall, the user’s choice should always be “whatever works for you”. The PL3 initiative is about having a standard repository for payloads, and having a common code base for everyone to work on, so in the future, PL3 might evolve faster and have more features, or maybe it won’t, the thing to note is that it’s better for payload developers to base their work off PL3. But again, this is meaningless for most users, apart from maybe clearing up the confusion about all these payloads and nobody knows which one to use. Also, I talked about PL3, which is a common repository for contributors to work on, people seem to have nicknamed it “kakaroto’s payload” or “kakaroto’s pl3”, but I never said it was my payload, PL3 is PL3, it’s not all my work, and if you look at the commit log, you will see that I’m not the only contributor to it. PL3 itself integrates patches and solutions provided by Hermes, Waninkoko and Mathieulh, I improved some of their patches to make sure it works better for non-3.41 firmwares, but it’s still credited to be their work. PL3 is not my payload, PL3 is a payload repository for everyone. Also, PL3 as a project is a repository containing multiple payloads (default one, development one, dump_lv2, dump_elfs, etc..). PL3 is not perfect, nothing in the world is perfect, so it might have bugs, it might not work for some people, who knows what might happen. But I never said that it was perfect, so people should stop thinking that I said that. It’s written more cleanly, it’s better in terms of the infrastructure behind it, but that’s the only thing I can vouch for. Also for those complaining about me adding a donate button to the blog post, I don’t see how that’s relevant, I’m not begging people for money (and I haven’t received any donations in the last ~3 weeks just so you know). If you don’t want to donate, then don’t, no reason to bitch about it. I’ve put the button there so that people who appreciate the work and want to donate something have a way of doing it. I asked for donations before because I needed to buy a PS3 for development, I already raised enough money to buy it, so I don’t need any more donations, so I’m not asking people for donation money anymore, as simple as that. Anyways, here are the more detailed/technical explanations on the reasons why I don’t like his payload : First, the code is not clean, it’s unmaintainable. The fact that he gives his source code in .rar files instead of a git fork is the biggest issue I have with it. And yes, that does not matter for users, it only matters for developers.  The problem with his method of delivery is that you have no way of knowing what he based his code off, so it’s hard to figure out what he changed.. also, when you find out his base, and do a diff, you get a huge diff for everything he did, all in one shot, and then you have to reverse engineer it to understand what he patched. That’s complicated and annoying for developers! For those who follow my twitter, you can see how many commits I do, I always like having “small commits” because each commit becomes independent, self explanatory and easy to review. It also makes things easier to integrate, if you want a specific thing, you just merge/cherry-pick that single commit, instead of copy/pasting code, and editing it to remove the clutter. The  other reason I like git is that if he used it and I merge a commit from him, then the code stays credited to his name in the commit log, it allows me to have his code without ‘taking ownership’ of his work, it allows everyone to be credited for what they did, and I think it’s the first thing to have for an open source and community project. The reason why I said his code could crash is because his payload got too big and couldn’t fit anymore in the allocated memory we have in the kernel (1296 bytes), so he decided to just move the code to a random position (0x7fff000 I think). This means that his payload will work as long as no application, game or kernel allocates memory which ‘randomly’ ends up in that area.. if it does, then the payload would get overwritten and the kernel will crash. The proper way of doing it (PL3 does that) is to allocate memory during the initialization of the payload, copy the functions we want in that memory that we own, and write those functions to be position independent so they would work no matter where they are placed in RAM. Another reason is the way his syscall8 works, I tried to read his assembly and reverse engineer it, and I seriously was lost and couldn’t understand what was happening.. there are no comments (you’ll notice that my payload has a comment on almost every instruction), so how can I integrate his syscall if i don’t even know what it does… if at least it was on git, I could see the commit messages and understand what each chunk of code did, but he doesn’t use git, so… The way he fixed the controller issue was also not very good, he patched two offsets to jump to a function that decides on some kind of enum on what response to return and you controlled that with his own system call 8.. why do something like that? it makes the fix dependent on people using this new syscall, and it’s useless when you can just patch it directly to return the right value. I also didn’t like the fact that his code became a mess that is 3.41 independent, and it would have taken a huge amount of work just to try to make it work again on 3.15. I already spent time cleaning up the payloads and making them work for older firmwares, so why fork and write code that doesn’t integrate that, it just makes collaboration harder. There’s also the whole syscall 35 versus 36 issue, but that has nothing to do with his payload since I added sc35 after he released his payload. It’s not about his payload being bad because it doesn’t support it, it’s simply about PL3 having a ‘superior’ (if I may say so) system call. What it means for users? nothing at the moment, maybe it will be used for doing fancier stuff later on, maybe you can map a game to your bluray and a different game to /app_home, that could be useful for users, but for now, it’s simply more flexible and cleaner code. There are many other small things that I didn’t like, but it mostly just summarizes to “the code is not clean and it’s unmaintainable” and “he doesn’t use git”. Like I said, if you don’t care about that, then I see no reason for you not to use his payload. It doesn’t mean either that he’s not skilled, it simply means that he may lack experience in code sharing and experience in open source. But that doesn’t make his work any less valuable. I hope this clears things up a bit. I criticized his work, said what I thought of it and people over reacted, I wanted to make sure people didn’t  misunderstand me, and didn’t think I don’t respect Hermes for what he’s done already. Everything else is just drama and people trying to get attention. If this post stirs up even more trouble, then so be it, I don’t think I have much more to say. I said what I think, people should take it or leave it. I do not however tolerate people insulting me for no reason at all. So please, criticize me all you want, just stay respectful. Thank you, KaKaRoTo

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  1. You’re a classy guy KaKaRoTo. Thanks for taking the time to clear some things up. I agree with your last part especially, Hermes isn’t a bad person, he even admitted he is not a professional programmer. He most likely as you said did not know how to share opensource things properly

  2. Well said. again.

    Can I ask you a question KaKaRaTo, if we forget about piracy and backups and updates and all that for a minute.

    Would there be much work involved in making a custom payload that only mounts (hardcoded) dev_flash , dev_flash2 , dev_flash3 , dev_hdd00 to seperate folders on USB001? nothing more.

    Thanks for all the time you have put in.


  3. We all know that you are one of great coders ou there.
    But like you stated, in previous post, led us to have confusion.
    i understand that you just tried to help everyone and show them whats the better way.
    but i could not get off the feelings that you are trying to pull down hermes or his work.

    anyway thanks for the great work and i hope i can find something that i can help you.
    including donations also ;]

  4. Any comment on why disk-less does not seem to work? The author of Gaia staunchly asserts that the problem is with the payload.

    Basically when you select the no disk option, select a game and go back to the xmb, you see the apps_home and when you go on to it, the game you selected queues up. When you hit X, it goes black a few seconds and then restarts into xmb without starting the game.

  5. @pl3 user: it’s possible, I didn’t try backups on my machine.. as far as I know, the payload patches the right stuff, maybe it has a bug, not sure I can fix it without reproducing it.

  6. No sweat. Thanks for responding. It is not difficult to use my originals to boot from, just thought you might like to be aware of any potential bugs in the code. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the role you play in the process.

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  8. I dunno, You still came out as an ass to me with this rant. In the same way the Mark Zuckerberg was an ass in the movie The Social network.

    Lack of people skills.

  9. @Manwell: like I said, stay respectful. but yeah, like I said, I’m a programmer, not a politician, so I don’t try to be diplomatic, I try to be honest and direct. My purpose is good code, not ‘everybody loves me because i’m so nice and i know how to talk to them’.

  10. I totally agree with how you worded things. I really appreciate someone who just speaks their mind without sugar coating everything. Constructive criticism leads to better results the next time around.


  11. There’s always going to be people like Manwell. Nothing you say could please him because he doesn’t understand the issue.

    I’m always at a loss as to why people think a professional should complement an amateur. If you do the electrical wiring in your house, do you expect an electrician to tell you good job when you did it wrong? Or would you rather him say you did it wrong and here’s why?

    Hermes himself admits he’s an amateur programmer, so I’m sure he would expect a professional to find flaws in his implementation. He can learn from someone like KaKaRoTo and improve his own ability in the process, or he can take offense and continue to work in the wrong manner.

    Either way, KaKaRoTo is working in a professional manner using universally accepted practices (open source, git hub, firmware independent, etc). If people want to criticize him for that then go ahead, but they need to realize they’re completely ignorant on the matter.

  12. Your the man !!! btw …. what’s happen to u if a Chinesse guys takes your nickname for his USB CLONE : PS Kakaroto Break hahahaha 😉

  13. Well stated. Your in-depth discussion is appreciated, and I would hope that Hermes takes no personal offence. The way I see it, you’ve provided a constructive reasoning.

    I think you are right to generate discussion on ways of standardising what we’re all trying to do here. It’s in everybody’s best interest to avoid multiple disparate payload systems and work together on a standardised codebase. Maintainability and key.

    I guess there will always be those that manage to hack something out and want to release it ASAP… and that is fine as a proof-of-concept.. but there needs to be an effort to bring these patches into line for the reasons already discussed.

    Nice work K

  14. kakarot,

    Does PL3 resolve any issues with games that refuse to boot? i.e give a black screen after being selected in OM? see Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.

  15. @Karatoko hey what are the chances of overcoming the limits on backing up 3.42+ FW games like Medal of Honor and EA MMA? Is this something that the PL3 payload can address or overcome with patches or work arounds? Will this require a custom firmware?

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  17. I think you made a wrong decision by breaking backward compatibility.
    WHY REMOVE THE OLD CALL? Just add the new one.

    Newer packages could use it, while older would still continue to work.

    Also insults vs Hermes are ugly, the guy isn’t even a programmer, not to mention he doesn’t have to know how some particular VCS works.

  18. @medi01: because only of the system calls can exist, and keeping the old one means we can’t enforce a standard and nobody will migrate to it.
    Also, I don’t see what “insults vs hermes” you’re referring to. he’s not a programmer and that’s why I’m giving him constructive criticism, never insulted him, if the code is ugly, it’s ugly. Read the post before judging me.

  19. KakaRoto,

    I would like to commend you on your homebrew efforts. I have read through all of the history with both your work and with Hermes’ work, although not being a programmer or developer I cannot provide the same insight as both you have provided regarding your works. I see two camps that have been formed and unfortunately by your constructive comments regarding Hermes work. I myself do not belong to any camp, and prefer only to use what works regardless who is better or worse in the scene. However, caution is always excerised in any event to ensure my hardware or software is not jepoardized.

    I can see how Hermes may take your comment as deconstructive and certainly you have made a point its not personal nor the value he has brought to the scene. I do see him taking your comments as an attack on his ability to develop and also making it somewhat of a closed source much like many commercial software in the world. To be blunt about it, his code for his patches are his “love child” and if you attack the child then you attack him, much like in real life. Keeping his code private or closed from being really open source provides him the control of the software and its functionality be it bad coding or not no one but a developer such as yourself will care.

    Your approach to standardizing and being open about your work is the correct way of progressing your work and also to involve the scene developers to contribute ideas about modification and also promote change. This is a positive step forward into making the scene better. You have succintly defined the “peek and poke” sitation as not being needed by the average user and I agree with your statement. Evidence shows within the forums of average users even novices not fully understanding how the payload works and simply care if their software will function as expected with the payload and certainly for the most part if it does work then kudos goes to the developer. If it does not, then certainly either some sort of support is needed or the fustration level of the user is relegated to what he knows is tried and true and of course ensued by a deconstructive comment regarding the issues.

    I personally, I feel your work should speak for you and the advancements you are making regarding your work. If the masses realizes your open source works for them, then I see it certainly progressing farther then ever. Again, I commend you on your efforts within the open source development.

  20. tested eyepet move with Kakarto paylod = NOT WORKING – STUCK
    tested eyepet move with Hermes V4 – WORKING.
    so i stay with hermes 4. also more games working without disc inside. for me hermes V4 is my choose until Kakarto will inculde better things like: fix games with black screens.

  21. Karakoto,

    if you create a backward compatible payload (preferably with fixes to Hermes code loading to an unallocated mem) entire user base could update immediately. With your current payload we can’t. Which makes it harder to adopt.

    If you want to standardize the payload scene, that is unarguably the best way, if people don’t install it, it’s not a “standard”.

    Since the new syscall is better, there is no need to additionally restrict package developers.

  22. @medi01: as much as your argument holds true, I don’t think it’s a good idea. The fact that it becomes standard or not is unrelated to whether people use it, but it’s dependent on whether it was created with standardization in mind.. if it proves good enough, people will eventually adopt it.. I’m not trying to get as many people on board as possible, as fast as possible.. when the time is right, it will be done. Patience is key.

    p.s: apparently OM has been ported to it now and released.

  23. I beg to differ. Standard that people do not use, never becomes a de facto standard, even if it is times better. Dvorak vs Qwerty or Esperanto vs English is probably the brightest example of it. People are used to inefficient qwerty/English and we are stuck with it.

    Now, since there is only a handful of apps, it might not be that big of a deal for new “hex standard”, but it would have been easier for everyone, if we wouldn’t need to give up on some features, to adopt new ones.

  24. But if dvorak would allow you to use it in qwerty mode or it’s ok to use english in esperanto, then it wouldn’t make a difference, people would just use the qwerty version of a dvorak keyboard, or would just speak english, saying it’s esperanto. But if pcs came only with dvorak and no alternative, or if conferences were held with esperanto-only speaking people, then it would be more widely adopted. It’s kind of the same here.. if the payload is backwards compatible, it means noone will adopt the new syscall because there is no reason for it.. but now, we already got OM and Gaia being ported and others will follow soon.

    As I said already, I suggest people just use whatever works for them, if the hermes payload works best for them, or they don’t want to update their homebrew app to one that is PL3 compatible, then it’s their choice, I don’t mind. But this standard is mostly for people to start developing with it, new application should use it, new developers should fork from PL3 and eventually, it will become used everywhere.

    I see your point, and I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying I have a different opinion on how this should go, and, contrarily to others who just want their stuff to be used by everyone, I don’t care, I just want the scene to be a little bit cleaner. Which I hope, will eventually happen.

  25. I commend your open source approach and the well documented and maintained payload, but you should not be attacking someone else work, because it not fit your standards, as they are…, always subjective.

    If somehow i rewrote the PL3 code, into 50% percent of what they occupy right now, but in the process make the code a mess, it will be less maintainable, but with less memory fingerprint. For the end of user, that will be better, for the programmers a mess.

  26. @Oxy: I do not attack him, I offer constructive criticism. Also I have a right to my opinion and I have a right to express it. I have not insulted, or been disrespectful or anything, so I don’t see any problem in that.
    Also, less memory footprint is ok, even if it makes the code less readable (it’s assembly anyways, so it’s not like it’s easy to read to begin with).
    That’s not my issue here. Read the blog and maybe you’ll understand the reasons I don’t like it.

  27. Thanks for being honest and direct. That’s something I usually get accused of doing. I welcome the day the payload can do anything we ask of it.

  28. Haha,
    good post to calm the brainless ragefags.
    Seriously most of the ppl here are so superficial ‘thinking’ that there’s some kind of competition going on and badmouth others over their comments without so much as processing what was written.
    A third grader can read, too. Does it mean he understands it all?
    As far as I can tell most ppl here are not developed enough to know what’s constructive criticism. They just hop onto the bandwagon and rage for no apparent reason other than they might have to wait a few days longer till they can pirate their games in a better manner.

    You do really good work and some of us appreciate it so there’s no need to justify yourself. Same thing with the PayPal button, lol.
    On the other hand though, it might be favourably appealing to the nimrods. They obviusly make the biggest part of the internet 😀

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  30. [quote=”Hermes”]
    Por que la forma de hacer que la gente no utilice el código de otros, es decir que lo que hace es malo y potencialmente peligroso para la consola.

    Mira, yo no voy a entrar al trapo de lo que diga kakaroto, (por mi como si se tira de un puente, visto su actitud 😐 ), pero si tienes algo que aportar, lo aportas, que para eso el código es abierto, pero no es serio que alguien se ponga a despotricar en un blog sobre las demás opciones metiendo miedo, solo para promocionar lo que haces tu y para que sigan tu línea y mas cuando eres de la línea “yo no quiero que mi payload tenga nada que lo relacione con la carga de juegos” y sabes que mi payload ofrece buenas posibilidades para la carga de backups y gracias a eso, se está popularizando mucho (y eso no gusta a algunos, al igual que no les gusta su fuerte vinculación con la carga de copias)

    A mi es que me da igual: yo sigo con el open manager original y mis backups cargan perfectamente. Y el que quiera creer en cuentos de brujas, pues el sabrá, porque peligro existe con cualquier payload que metas, ya que estás alterando la consola y la redirección de rutas para cargar las copias, es la misma e igualmente “peligrosa” en todos (solo queparece que la conciencia está mas limpia, si /dev_bdvd lo tienes que especificar desde fuera del payload)[/quote]

  31. Hi KaKaroto,

    I really like your work and would like to use it in future, but there seems to some lttle problems with the payload i cannot fix in any way.
    You`ll know about the “controller fix ” patch for sure, and i know its not needed longer with your payload. Also i can confirm that it does work fine on I.E. Formula 1. The game runs fine but now we come to the issue.
    First of all you are not able to save a game , AND:
    If you try to leave the game ( PS-Button) your Ps3 console will Freeze in a Bad way. No way to turn it off usually. The Power button ( Slim) acts weired and has no function. Just eject the cd works then. So now you have to unplug the ower cord to get your ps3 console off. I dont know how bad that is for the console , but im sure its not good right.

    So my question is, if its possible to have a look into that problem and maybe add a sort off patch to your next release? That would be much appreciated for many users with that issue. ( I guess its on all games wich needed the controller patch before)

    THX in Advance

    Greets Modmate

  32. Much respect KaKaRoTo…. very well said… don’t think anybody could’ve said it any better.

  33. @EOL: Yes, I know, I’ve read it, it is the main reason why I posted this, to clear the misunderstanding with him. I don’t really care that much about the haters.

    @modmate: PL3 is and should be a collaborative work.. I don’t have F1 so I don’t plan on fixing it myself, but if anyone can fix it, i’ll gladly apply their patches.

  34. hey dude, I just want to let you know that I’ve been following the scene for some time now and I think you’re doing a great job. you’re really helping out end users like me in your spare time. i’ve taken two courses in uni for comp sci which mainly dealt with programming so i can understand some of the programming/code related arguments in your posts so it is definitely easier for me to understand your perspective

    i’m actually not even sure which payload i’m using right now – i don’t really care until there are some good homebrew apps to use (thinking of picking up the SNES emulator when i have more free time).

    keep up the good work!

  35. @kakaroto

    I can build your last kakaroto-PL3-0c832de will I have ntohs error under MinGW, can you help me?

  36. Hello just thanks 😉 to you and all Dev !

    I just register because i don’t know haw report “bug”

    I have a PS3 3.15 and use Jailbreak with a PIC 18F2455 with the iLLNESS hex files from PSX-SCENE v1.6d .

    I have some bad issu with my G25 when i run my PS3 on Jailbreak . Grid and NFS Shift the G25 don’t work if i use original BD game or OpenManager backup or launch BD .

    For it work only solution reboot PS3 normaly and launch the BD game . The G25 work fine .

    But with other game it work on Jailbreak mode with Wangan Midnight, Ferrari Challenge, Superstart V8, Dirt 2 ,RidgeRacer 7 .

    Can you or other dev correct this ?

    I can test F1 2010 because i’m on 3.15 and don’t update because i use YellowDog .


  37. Hello

    News with the last HEX by iLLNESS with PL3 for 3.15

    Now burnout Paradise is ok with G25 but crash i don’t know when exactly . but NFS Shift the G25 don’t work i don’t test Grid for the moment .

    I launch with Open Manager v1.17.2


  38. So, maybe not the best place to ask, but how would I compile the newest files to work on a droid?
    Even a point in the right direction would be wonderful.

  39. Hello

    I am a It Project Manager and a father,

    and I can tell you that in social relationship, in project as in life with children not putting sugar and telling thing too dircetly
    is as (non-)efficient as using rar instead of git in a collaborative project

    Do what you wants

  40. Hermes Answer you Again

    Hi kakaroto.

    You can send to me a PM if you want speak (i have enable it now), because i have difficulty expressing myself in English (I use google for help to me ) and i prefer don’t use a real-time medium to talk

    For now, I have decided to leave the scene of ps3. Is not really a big surprise because i consider myself “retired” since a long time ago, but occasionally return for making contributions in differents scenes.

    Now, it seems that some people use my nick to promote an USB dongle and i think they have gone too far.

    I am a person who do this as hobby, non-profit ( i don´t even accept donations ) and i am not a professional programmer, but i am a building worker currently unemployed, without aids, living of savings money, etc and do not use that as an excuse for profit and i does not seem right that certain people take advantage of our work for profit purpose and they don´t contribute to improve the code or they have a minimum of respect for us, as i can see . And due to recent events, i’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye for a while and time to other persons respond to their customers, themselves instead of taking advantage of our work.

    But I’m not crying like some people think. I have very clear ideas and as i get nothing except gratitude in one hand and insults and ingratitude on the other, i am very free to go to out, goto in or that i want do. I don´t lose or gain nothing at really

    I’ll tell you this because you don’t know to me and may be not understand my attitude in some questions: I have since 2001 living too many unfair things by others persons and that makes i am person near and far at the same time. I have personal problems like everyone and difficult to express in English and these things do not help, obviously, but the attitude of others persons does not help, also.

    I hope you understand to me despite my inability to express in english.

    I have translate the asm code of syscall 8 to language C. Maybe you understand how the code works in this form. At really, i am noob to use PPC assembler and may be some parts can be optimized. I think it is easy to understand in ASM and it have some comments too, it contains some ideas that are not easily to see, without understand all code.

  41. i was wondering would it be possible to have PS Freedom port for Magic Jack USB.
    you can get one for like 20 dollars. anywhere.

    just a crazy ideas.

  42. the question is, does the magic jack device allow you to install linux on it? if not, then the answer is no… ask google, not me.
    also, see to see how to check if it’s possible or not (if it turns out you can install linux on it)

  43. Hello Kakaroto,
    I greatly appreciate all of the work you have done. I haven’t had a chance to test your most recent work yet, will be momentarily…
    I have an issue to share and a question. My issue is that I have a bad bluray logic board and bad laser (I tested the laser on another ps3 to be sure of the problem). When trying to boot homebrew or backups it always crashes the ps3… My question is: Can this be worked around via the payload? I’m pretty desperate, as I’m sure you may know that you cannot swap logic boards and have no way to play my ps3 (I only play one current gen game: Tekken). I have a borrowed ps3 I used to compare results and reproduce the problem. If you could help with this I’m sure a number of people would be very appreciative 🙂

  44. @Noquarter: Games either work discless or they don’t. Don’t really know why.. some will work, it depends on your luck. Maybe someone will figure it out, but personally, I don’t care much about that, so I’m not going to waste my time with this particular problem.
    Good luck!

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