ExpoLibre 2011 in Talca/Chile

Hi all,

About 2 weeks ago, I was in Talca, Chile for the ExpoLibre 2011 conference. It was really awesome, I had one of the best experiences as a speaker!

One of the particularities of that conference, is that it’s organized by the university and its target audience is students, teachers and enthusiasts in open source. The majority of the attendees were not open source developers, but they were people who wanted to learn more about it.
For that reason, this was my very first “motivational talk” rather than my usual technical talks that I’ve given in the past, and I loved it!

Another interesting point was that the audience was mostly speaking Spanish, and not everyone understood English, so I had my colleagues (Reynaldo Verdejo and Thibault Saunier) there to translate what I was saying. That created a very pleasant experience as I had time to relax between each slide while they were translating, and it also made the talk more casual and interactive. I wasn’t nervous for the first time, and it felt great! 🙂

After the talk, I received some very interesting questions and I thoroughly enjoyed answered everyone of them. I saw a lot of people who were interested and I felt like I connected with everyone and I was able to touch them with my ideas. If I was able to change at least one attendee’s perception of open source, and hopefully get them involved in various FLOSS projects, then my mission is a success!

Today, the organizers of the ExpoLibre conference sent me the video recording of my talk, and I’ve shared it on youtube so everyone can listen to what I had stay. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

On a final note, I’d like to say that Chile is a beautiful country. I stayed there for almost two weeks, and even though travel from/to Canada is a pain, it was totally worth it! I can’t wait for the next opportunity for me to go there.

Update : Some people complained about the rhythm being broken because of the translation to spanish,  so I asked here for anyone who wants to contribute, to edit the video and crop the non-english sections, so english-only speaking people can view the talk in one constant rhythm/flow without the interruptions by the translators.

Patrick Donnelly, one of the people who saw the video (and my request for an edit) did it and commented below  with a link to an english-only version of my talk (the intro and questions part were left untouched at my request). Here it is for those who need it :


And here is the original, unedited version of my talk I gave, enjoy it!

Ps: The video I tried to show to the audience (around 6:30) which did not work, was this one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20ClL3mL8Gc

And here are the slides used during the talk, in PDF format : http://people.collabora.co.uk/~kakaroto/expolibre-2011.pdf 




43 thoughts on “ExpoLibre 2011 in Talca/Chile

  1. Really nice talk! (Of course, my story made a good point in the whole example).

    The only bad thing was the sound at the end (too low), but besides of that I totally recommend this video 🙂

    • Yeah, I told you, you make a great success story and I was happy to share it with them 🙂
      As for the sound, yeah well people weren’t talking in the microphone, so not much you can do about it…

  2. Be sure that your mission was accomplished and, by uploading it, will continue changing people’s perception about it. Motivational talks are way more powerful than technical talks for the general, yet interested, public.
    Add to this the fact that you are, agreeing or not, a person in the highlights. And because of this, you attract the curiosity of those guys/gals seeking a better understanding. These talks motivate them. Not all of them will become programmers, but at least they will spread the word, which is as important as the final code.

    Congrats once more.

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  4. Kakarot Hello, sorry for english but I used google translator to post that comment, I am Brazilian and one of the most hopeful for the new release, sorry to post this matter but could not post to your post about the release.

    I agradescer immensely by doing everything that comes, I am often one of the most visited sites to download PS3 games in Brazil http://www.linkagames.net there they had made a post saying that you had announced that he was almost ready to new CFW, but from what I read in your post that is not true, and I made sure to take everything you have written and post there, I asked for the ADM site, make a new post, I’m waiting, so that all who access the site will have access to what you posted … well just have to agradescer been doing all that … and I hope one day to help you as soon as I finish my college systems analysis and development …

    a big hug and I hope you read my comment. enclose not know grammar in perfect order …

    See you soon.


  5. Hi Kakaroto, thank you for the contribution at the scene.

    I’m a brazilian student of Network engineering, and when i’ll be formed, I’ll search to inspirate on guys like you, who works to open source’s comunity.

    Count on my help,

    Sorry the bad english.

  6. Je suis Français et je suis la scène Ps3 depuis ces débuts, je suis toujours resté en retrait et je tiens à préciser que je n’ai jamais pris part à quelconques forums. Mais je tiens à dire que j’en ai fais un peu une habitude quotidienne de me balader sur différents sites de hack à la recherche de nouvelles informations. C’est de cette manière que j’ai fait ta connaissance, celle des autres développeurs et de leur travail autour de cette console. Je lis beaucoup de choses moches un peu partout sur internet qui visent sans cesse le travail invisible que tu fournit ainsi que tes collaborateurs. Après avoir vu cette vidéo, pour mon premier message, je tenait tout simplement à t’envoyer un message de soutien. Ce qui m’a fortement plu, c’est que tu essayes de partager ta passion et on ressens vraiment que tu aimes ça alors je te dis tout simplement “respect”.

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  8. Hello Kakarot

    you have the appearance of a friend I have. great presentation, when you receive an invitation to come here to Brazil puts on twitter that I will.

    a hug.

  9. Great I think maybe you should be a teacher youve tought more people things than any professor i know good luck hey dont forget about the rest of us although Chile is nice

  10. I loved the talk, I want to learn from you and want to help change the worlds views on open source and hacking….

    Also are you still looking for an edited version of the video? I would like to try and cut the translations portions out if you want.


    • Thanks!
      And yes, I’m still looking for an edited version, no one submitted one yet, so let me know if you’re able to do it (I think the intro and the questions part can be left as is even if in spanish).

      • Ok as soon as I get home from work in about 6 hours I will start on this for you. Thanks! Also I really loe the work your doing just thought you should know and right now im actually looking at open source compilers for c/c++ so I can get right into learning to code. I used to do some Visual c++ basic stuff like a homemade calculator for DOS that I used in high shcool to complete my homework

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  12. hello I’m from chile
    and I just want to say thanks for your words to my country
    I want you to know that your words encouraged my desire
    using the opensource’re a good speaker XD

    Thank you. and hope you never lose your motivation

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  14. Wow just finished watching the video and I totally get a better understanding of what your trying to convey to the PS3 community as well as the world. Great job!!!! I hope that many others will finally understand and realize that just focusing on hacking the PS3 is only a small step. Theirs definitely a bigger issue at hand here.

  15. Its me Patrick again. I ran late because of a city council meeting I had to go to for some IT talks. I spent last few hours working on this and created a youtube account to upload the video. Ive never done this part so I hope it works. It should be available at http://youtu.be/px1wTCCEDo8 but if it doesn’t work comment on here and I can find another way to get you the file. Thanks for all the great work!

    • I had to verify my account to get longer then 15 min video. uploading again will let you know when its done

    • Awesome, thanks a lot man! I’m looking it over, and it looks perfect! I’m going to update the blog right now and advertise it on twitter.
      Thanks a lot, you just contributed to the community 🙂

      • I did it on my ubuntu desktop tried pitivi but it wasnt working correctly so i used avidemux or something like that… had a great time doing it, that was actually my first attempt and editing a video but it was fun

  16. Kakaroto –
    nice going I’m from Mexico but all you can contribute to Latinoamericanos people it is great. Keep going. I would like to know unless a 50% of your knowledge and can share it with everybody but I’m just a fan of the Scene an programming stuff.

  17. Me Patrick again I created a twitter account and am following you on it now, also downloaded aMSN and will start setting up some accounts.

  18. Thanks for your talk at Expo Libre 2011 in Talca (Chile)
    I’am from Argentine.
    Don’t relase a CFW— Teach how to……
    A Big IDEA….. for You….. A OPEN SOURCE COMUNICATION TOOL FOR PS3 (Like Sk..pe…. Much Better!!!!)
    Thanks in advance!!!

  19. Salut Kakaroto, excellente présentation.

    J’aime toujours autant quand les gens font de la promotion pour la philosophie du libre et de l’open source. C’est un combat de tous les jours dans le monde où on vit, alors au plus on propage ces idées, au plus on a de chances que les gens en comprennent l’enjeu et fassent passer à leur tour le message.

    Bravo en tout cas, et merci d’avoir partagé la vidéo! 🙂

  20. Hello KaKaRoTo, I hope while I am a sleep and while I am in high school, being bored, waiting for the clock to tick tick tick then tock tock tock, which will start my weekend off high school, I hope you will take your time, and reply to this message. I am eternally grateful for what you are doing to the PS3 scene, this is great. I hope that you can also take your time and tell me how the jailbreak/exploit is coming out so far. Ever since I have heard about your jailbreak/exploit, it made my boring hours of school worth it. Everyday I hope you are updating your blog, telling us something new, not that I don’t love what you have posted everyday, i just feel like the PS3 scene is going to go throw the roof. To all the haters saying “he’s not gonna release this” or, “fuck KaKaRoTo” stuff like that, get blocked. KaKaRoTo, I hope you are reading this right now, btw sorry for bad english.


  22. Kakaroto, you believe for somebody dev or you, can create a new cfw 4.00 ? cfw stop on 3.55 ? i have 3.56 (nand) and i don’t have money for downgrade ! thanks and sorry for my bad bad english 🙂 ..Nikos from Greece !!

  23. hé bé anglais francais d origine arabe tu déchires mec et si tu pouvais rencontrer jacques fresco et les responsables chez zeitgeist peut etre pourrait on en finir avec le systeme monetaire americain et sa dictature mondiale!!

    un monde ou la nourriture le logement les soins de santé et les transports seraient des droits fondamentaux et bien sur GRATUIT

    plus d info ZEITGEIST.com

  24. Tbarkellah 3la ssi Youness, raka cherrefti b l Maroc a khouya ou rak msauvina b tes realisations. A very big Thank you from me, and from nass dial Joutiyya 😀 ntmennaw lik massira mouwaffa9a a khouya.

  25. From: Chile

    Grande kakaroto no te conocía en imagen pensé que eras un incógnito, me pareció muy buena la charla me motivaste para la programación libre y perfeccionarme mas cuidado te puedo alcanzar.
    gracias por venir a chile.

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