Eleganz release for Cobra ODE

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. Today I have some exciting news for you, as I have ported Eleganz, my homebrew manager, to the Cobra ODE.

A little while ago, I tweeted that if Cobra ever released their device and did provide an open source library for integration of other managers, I would port Eleganz to it, and today I am fulfilling that promise. I would like to thank the guys over at ps3crunch.net and ps3hax.net for testing this for me, particularly Abkarino, hyappon, freddy, magneto and Xodus69.

When I released Eleganz in November 2011, I left out one small thing on the TODO list, I wanted to see someone pick it up and add the code to exitspawn to actually make Eleganz execute the homebrew apps, but no one did that in almost a year now. I am a bit disappointed that the ps3 scene (homebrew devs, not users) didn’t pick it up, but it looked like no one was interested in maintaining Eleganz in my place. Today, I am happy to see that Eleganz is not throw-away code, as it can be useful to ODE users.

I can understand why Eleganz didn’t have much appeal in the world of CFW (it was originally intended to run on OFW if my HEN ever worked), but with the ODEs running on OFW, it’s perfect for the job. It’s simple, it’s beautiful and customizable!

Not only can Eleganz list the games from the Cobra ODE and allow you to select your iso, but it will also allow you to list and run homebrew apps that you can embed in the ISO file. This way you can get access to all your homebrew in a single place, without the need to restart the PS3 or boot the homebrew’s iso from the ODE. You can just extract the eleganz iso, and add homebrew apps (that are re-signed for running from a BD drive) to the iso’s PS3_GAME/USRDIR/HOMEBREW directory and recreate the iso with the cobra tool, and that’s it.

Note that this is not an indication of me getting back into the hacking scene. I have given up on the HEN long ago as I realized that there was no way (that I could find) to run homebrew on OFW, unless they are running from a disc. I may keep improving Eleganz in the near future, but I do not plan to do anything more than that for the ps3 scene at this point.

I would also like to tell everyone that there’s no need to worry, Eleganz will not become cobra-specific, as any feature I’d implement will benefit CFW as well as ODE users. I will be releasing an updated version for CFW users soon.

I’d also like to thank magneto and the Cobra team for offering to send me a Cobra ODE as a gift for porting Eleganz to it. Once I receive it, I plan on adding disc dumping capabilities to Eleganz and improve the user experience a little without relying on others to test it for me.

You can find the latest source code on github as always and compile it yourself or you can download the pre-compiled iso file from this link : http://www.multiupload.nl/GXBBI19VOL

I hope it gets used now and you all can enjoy it and I hope I can see some cool themes created for it now!


17 thoughts on “Eleganz release for Cobra ODE

    • What is that? I don’t understand the question and I don’t understand how you can have OFW install the pkg since you can’t sign a valid pkg for OFW.. would you care to explain how it’s done? thanks!

  1. Hi Kakaroto

    Will it be compatible with 3.41 OFW w/ dongle?
    I know Devs are not interested in this FW
    But I wonder do you mind to make it compatible?


  2. We can make a eleganz without ODE! since my games do not need COBRA ODE! just need to work a Eleganz that may reconmhecer Usb on OFW!

  3. i love the fact that it is now useable on the ODE,
    what you mean running it on OFW with a HEN, i mean how’ d you thought to get that working?
    *and can you tell is why you are not working/posting anymore about the HEN*

  4. hi i know this comment is off topic but do you know any way of making a open source ode it can not be that difficult from what i have understood of it so far is they are running a unix os which sits between the drive controller board and mobo of ps3.

    if you have any information i would be grateful im even willing to help fund a opensource odde

    • I don’t know much about how SCSI works, but yeah, I don’t think it would be very difficult since we already know how it’s done. The problem is the hardware, I don’t know how that stuff works.. also, it would probably take quite a bit of time to implement the code needed for that.

  5. Thank you very much for the jailbreak!Works great on my ps3 super slimMerci baucuoep pour le jailbreak!Fonctionne tre8s bien sur ma ps3 super slim

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