Release libnice 0.0.13


Libnice 0.0.13 has just been released.. ┬áIt’s a small release that fixes a few bugs, cleans the code a bit and makes coverity happy!

Also, this release adds support for IPv6 which now makes the library a bit more universal!

Another important fix was the ‘crc32’ function used internally in libnice which was conflicting with the same symbol in After a user reported a crash in libnice when he used it with his application (which was linking to as well), I realized the conflict and have now renamed the function from ‘crc32’ into ‘stun_crc32’, which now makes libnice safer to use. Hopefully, there won’t be any more similar problem.

If you find issues or bugs with libnice, please report them and we’ll try to fix them for the next release!

As discussed in my previous post, TURN support still isn’t complete for now, and I’m still waiting for some charitable mind to send me a patch for upgrading TURN support in libnice to its latest RFC. Otherwise, you’ll have to be patient until I get some free time!


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