Second Humble Indie Bundle + Braid Linux release!

Hi all,

After the huge success of the Humble Indie Bundle from last May, which I absolutely loved, the group of Indie developers decided to release a second Humble Indie Bundle with five other games, one of which is Braid, my favorite Independent game.

I suggest everyone goes over to and buys those games, you name your price and you get five great games with no DRM and with Linux, Mac and Windows binaries available for you to install on any and all of your PCs. you can also decide how to share that money you just spent, how much you want to send to the developers, or to the EFF or Child’s Play charities. Don’t waste any time and go show your appreciation of good games and your support to the open spirit of writing multiplatofrm, non-DRM games. Maybe this time again, like in the first bundle, the developers will decide to release their games to an open source license (I wish:)).

In the last bundle, I was a bit sad that Braid wasn’t included, but it was because it wasn’t available for Linux yet. I had previously discussed with Jonathan Blow (the author of Braid) about Linux support and he said that it would eventually be available, and he indeed delivered! Although there has been no news about this and no release of Braid for Linux so far, the Humble Indie Bundle also marks the release of the Linux version of Braid. Get the bundle and you will be able to download a native version of Braid for Linux (although it’s been reported that the Windows version worked under Wine).

I’ve tried running Braid on my  Linux system and had the horrible issue of the ‘missing GL extension’ that so many people are having. I checked the game’s bugzilla on icculus and found the related bug report in which Scott Mansell found the solution : The missing extension is “GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc” which is disabled on the open source drivers because it is covered by a patent and requires a licence.
If you live in a country where the patent doesn’t apply, you can enable it using driconf. Simply install it (“sudo apt-get install driconf” or “sudo yum install driconf”) then run ‘driconf’ and enable the S3TC extension in the “Image quality” tab of driconf.

Thank you Scott Mansell! 🙂

I hope this helps a few of you, enjoy!


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  2. Just a note: Braid for Linux has still some problems. Apparently a good part of intel and ati graphic cards/drivers do not fully support the set of required graphic commands. (Even when installing the .exe in Wine). These issues appear in addition to the mentioned problem with patented modules that are mentioned in the main text.
    If you want to be sure that yours is supported, please take a look at bugzilla for Braid.

  3. Thanks for the pro-tip! Bought the Humble Bundle 2 yesterday as well :], really excited to try Braid.

  4. I have been playing Braid for 4 or 5 months and I totally love it!
    Great for the HB2, waiting for the 3th one :p

  5. Mention of the GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc patent is interesting given that HTC, a big Android (and by extension Linux?), recently bought their patent portfolio.

    Perhaps it’s time for someone to resume discussions?

    • No idea, planet gnome sometimes front-pages very old posts for no apparent reason, I’ve seen it happen quite a few times.. first time it happened to my blog.

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