Braid for linux!

Hello world!

I feel honored to say that I’ve recently been in contact with Jonathan Blow, the author of the awesome game Braid.

For those who don’ t know the game, it is an extremely challenging, fun, rewarding and original puzzle platformer which is so far the best game I’ve found on PSN.

I’ve asked Jonathan whether or not a Linux port of the game was in the works, since I’ve seen him hint at that in old posts on his blog (January 2007 and August 2008). I’m glad to say that he reported that a Linux port of the game was indeed being developed. To quote :

“[..] one is in progress but hasn’t quite been completed, but may eventually be released.”

He also said that the porting is about 95% complete, but I don’t know how much time it will take for the remaining 5% to be completed, so maybe it will soon be available, maybe not, but this is great hope for the Linux community!

I also spoke with him a little about Open Source, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him not completely reject the idea of open sourcing his game, but he said “it is not likely at this time”, so although it is not likely to happen, it is maybe another hint of hope for the future!

Finally, as my last bit of news. Just in case you were wondering, I also asked about possible DLC, to which he answered (no surprise) :

“There will probably not ever be DLC for Braid. The game is complete without it.”

That’s it, I hope these news are comforting to those who are just dying to play Braid on their Linux systems!


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