New project!


I’d just like to announce to everyone that I’ve decided to start working on a new project!

Seeing as I’ve loved the game Braid, I thought it would be nice to have an open source clone of the game! I should start working on that soon(-ish), and I hope I can actually see this project through…

Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience or interest in UI/OpenGL work, so I’ll start by designing and writing the low level classes that would allow a game to have the same time-based manipulation mechanic as Braid. And I hope that I’ll find someone willing to join the project and provide the UI/art part of the project!

I’ve contact Jonathan Blow, the author of Braid, and he said he’d be willing to help and provide me with the level file format  he used for the game, so we might be able to have this project working with the levels of the official game (assuming you bought the game and have its data files)!

That’s it, I’ll let you know more about how that goes! In the meantime, maybe someone (who played the game preferably) could come up with a nice name for the clone! 🙂


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