PS3 Hypervisor dumped!

Hi again,

Great news for PS3 owners, The PS3 Dev team from (of which I am now a member) has been able to dump the hypervisor’s executables in memory! This was done thanks to a kernel module that I wrote 🙂

My first experience with kernel programming was challenging, fun and very frustrating because of the lack of docs! But thanks to the open source nature of the kernel’s source code, I was able to understand how to properly use the read_proc of the create_proc_entry API, and was able to dump the memory of the hypervisor by giving full access to the memory through a /proc entry.

You can  download the source code of my kernel module from here. I’ve decided to release it under the LGPL license.

Read more about it on the ps3news forums.

p.s.: What this means is that we can now start reverse engineering the PS3’s hypervisor’s code in order to find an exploit or some way to trigger the ability to install custom firmware on the PS3. However, this does not mean that the PS3 is completely hacked.

This exploit was first discovered by George Hotz.

Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. cAn I HAz mY pS3 h4Ck3D noW So I cAn PlAY mY BaCKuPs?

    Great news 🙂
    Keep the good work!

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