Clarifications about 3.73 (and 4.0) “jailbreak”

I tested the jailbreak on the latest firmware 4.0 since it was released and I can confirm that it still works.

Hi all,

I’ve been flooded with questions on twitter and I’ve read many posts on news sites and  I’ve seen some stuff being said on IRC and I thought I needed to clarify a few things…

First of all, I didn’t expect to see my tweet front paged on all ps3 hacking news sites.. although I should have expected it.. but anyways, the “jailbreak” is not ready to be used, at all. I only tweeted that because I was excited having it working and I wanted to share my excitement with everyone. But this is a bit equivalent to the day I released that script that created the very first CFW/MFW but it still took a couple of months before a real, easy, multiplatform and fully fledged solution was released : PS3MFW.

We are currently at the same state, I have the proof of concept, it works, but a solution that anyone can use where they just click a button and their PS3 gets jailbroken is still far from ready.

I’ve seen people say (and even write it in their front page news) that I’ll release it in two weeks after I come back from vacation. That is not true and I never said that. What I said was that for the next 2 weeks, the project is on hold until I get back.. but when I get back, then I will continue working on it, and it will then take some more time before it’s ready and released.

Some asked if it’s based on what gitbrew was doing/suggesting or if I used someone else’s exploit or work. No, this solution is my own idea and 100% my own implementation. However, the actual solution for the full jailbreak involves some components on which I will not work, and I expect/hope that someone else will provide the solution for that.

Some speculated it might be what I spoke about back in March which I later said I wasn’t pursuing by lack of motivation.. and yes, you are right. The same hack I had in March is still valid today, I told a few people about it (rms, Mathieulh, an0nym0us, and a couple more), but no one was interested in pursuing it further and actually exploiting that flaw (mainly because it requires a huge amount of work to get a proof of concept working). 10 days ago (I started on the 11th), I got bored and decided to start poking at it again, and yesterday (a lot faster than I thought it would take), I got my first pkg installed on 3.73 firmware.

On twitter, I said “do not update if you are on 3.55”, I said that in response to someone who said he would update.  Because of that, people speculated that you need to be on 3.55 first, and then install something before doing the upgrade. No, that’s not it, that would be useless. The purpose of my solution is to jailbreak a ps3 that is already on 3.73 firmware and which had never been jailbroken before. I told people not to update because, first of all, it’s not yet ready, and second of all, the 3.55 firmware gives you a lot more possibilities than what can be achieved on 3.73.

So what is this jailbreak? I won’t say because I don’t want Sony to block it in a firmware update (and yes, they potentially could) before it’s even released (and yes, I will release it when it’s ready). But I will explain this to you : in order to run your homebrew apps, you need two things. First, to be able to install them on the ps3, and second to be able to run it once installed. I did only one of these two things.

Some may say it’s not a real jailbreak, but the way I see it, there are three ‘jails’ on the ps3, I broke the first one which prevents you from installing anything, so now you can install your .pkg, great, but it won’t run, that’s the second jail. The third jail is being able to modify the firmware (peek&poke).

The second jail (running apps) is something that can be done, but it’s not my area of expertise (npdrm algo), so I will not be working on that. I am waiting for someone else to achieve it (some have succeeded but do not wish to release it, at least not for now) then I will release.

The third jail (modifying the firmware) is not possible with my method, this means that you will  not have a “CFW”, you will run your homebrew applications and games on an official firmware. This also means that without peek&poke support, none of the backup managers will work. So, again, my solution is piracy-free, and as always, I do not plan on working on a way to enable piracy (or even legal backups).

Overall, the purpose will be to allow people who are on 3.73 firmware to enjoy the homebrew games that were released, to play a bit with Eskiss, and to use Showtime for playing their movies. This should be more than enough for everyone.

Finally, I will conclude by replying to another question I received : Do you accept donations? The answer is yes. I do accept donations but I do not seek them out. I will include a donate button to the bottom of this post, so if anyone wishes to donate, they can do so, however, I want to make it clear that whether or not you donate does not and will not affect in any way, the release, or the progress of the work I’m doing. If you donate, you would do it as a sign of appreciation of my efforts, and not in exchange of any favors or anything crazy like that.

That’s about it I think… If you have any more questions, please refrain from asking them, I get enough as it is already.. I also said everything I needed to say and I don’t want to give any more information than that (for now).


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  1. Ciao Kakaroto anche io come utente di ModdingStudio ti ringrazio del lavoro che stai facendo e sono sorpreso e al contempo adirato per le prese in giro e le critiche fatte a te e a Mathieulh..
    Non solo queste persone usufruiscono dei vostri lavori ma non pensano nemmeno al tempo che perdete per farlo.
    E non è possibile criticare Math per la sua scelta, per tanto che ci dispiaccia è libero di fare quello che vuole 😉

    I don’t speak english very well xD but
    Kakaroto for FUN ! Thank you DEV

  2. I don’t know exactly what goes on in the whole dev scene- I’ll be one of the first to admit that I am programming illiterate. I suppose I could borrow my dad’s C++ programming books and learn, but so far any attempt has given me little progress and a bit of a headache, so it’s slow going.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with all these ungrateful people on various sites, waiting like vultures for you guys to do all the work out of the goodness of your hearts and then complain when it isn’t fast enough, or when they don’t get what they want, or whatever. I have no idea what they’re bitching about at this point, it seems childish and I refuse to get too involved. I would, however, like to apologize on behalf of those idiots who are too stupid to apologize themselves- they are, as Louis CK said, “non-contributing product sponge c**ts” [lol censor?] and I am deeply ashamed to be considered part of their number, as someone who is too ignorant to give anything back yet.

    I came into the party just as 3.55 CFWs were being released, and so far I have been more than happy with the idea that I can run homebrew and other interesting programs on my PS3. I don’t quite understand everyone’s obsession with berating you all for the good work you do. I suppose it’s a bit like working at a homeless shelter, although I imagine homeless people would be slightly more humble as they don’t have the ability to hide behind anonymity and hurl insults that way. Maybe it’s more like being a tech-support person instead, then.

    I don’t quite know where I’m going with that, so never mind. The point is, even if you guys are abandoned by the whole scene and give up entirely in disgust… Just remember, you have one [reasonably] humble gal who is eternally grateful for your hard work. You will never catch me bugging you for anything, because I know very well what it’s like to be under-appreciated, and it sucks, hard.

    If it amuses you, by all means continue programming- you don’t owe anyone anything, and what you do give to the masses is precious. I won’t ask you to stay, but know that whatever you do, someone thanks you.

  3. I’m sure everything will end well … Despite criticism from people who just want to frustrate the efforts of you that really make a difference and continues to do so now. The world is full of stupid people and will not change, but you had made significant progress and can not let the criticism affect their goals and motivations, because there are 10 people against, but 1000 believe in you … I wish good luck to you and that one day we took this “cage” that Sony is trying to maintain.

    ps: if English is bad is the fault of google hehe!

  4. here in the Philippines a lot of people are waiting for your works and praying for you Kakaroto and Math and other dev out there. just keep shinning guys.. and Thank you for all your efforts..

  5. Thank Kakarot, in the hope of CFW. End of year will be very good =)
    PES 12 CFW Kakarot This Coming … Many gambling .. … thanks to Kakarot
    Att: PS3 Jacks Group

  6. kara you think is the best you will send
    CFW scene good luck.
    Good year for everyone to share their wisdom. thank you.

  7. Kakarot Thanks for the work you are doing and I look forward to your CFW over. Regards by the forum

  8. Tenho confiança no seu trabalho!
    E acredito que todos da scene tenham!
    Boa sorte!!!
    I have confidence in your work!
    And I believe we all on the scene have!
    Good Luck!!!

  9. I know everybody’s giving you a hard time, and I’m sorry that you and the other devs have to put up with that stuff. Just want you to know that someone out here appreciates what you do, and supports you. I’ve been out of the video gaming scene for so long…I’m lost in all this…but I have managed to find a site giving some information, and I’m gonna see if I can start contributing something to the scene. Keep up the good work, and try not to let it all get to you, I know it’s a lot of weight to carry. good luck.


  10. salve Kakaroto anche io come utente di ModdingStudio ti ringrazio per tutta la fatica che fai per noi , grazie 1000 🙂

  11. Guys okay with everyone, because I am aki to give my support for this release not only for me but more for all of us that we are waiting for a CFW and MFW WHAT is, I have a home game and my clients are all looking forward to games the new games do not have such forecast or budget to buy so many games so I’m waiting Mathieulh thank you for your great job by Kakarot and his optimism thanks to all who are working to help a person not so many more .. grateful

  12. Hi Kakaroto.
    First, i always read your blog because i´m so excited about the next cfw and i appreciate your work and the work of the others devs to, you guys are the reason and hope to think that the people who have it a CFW, “are destroying” the imperialism of Sony, the expensive products and the jail software of PS3.

    Second, i´m so sorry about my bad english, i´m from Chile and i still learning this languaje, but this isn´t a stop to me, to say my gratitude to you guys.

    Third i always knew that your work it´s without lucre and you do it for all those people who hasn´t defend with sony or those people don´t have the knowledge to modify and create a new firmware with third person apps to our consoles.

    Fourth, about the anger and the hate with Mathieulh for his actions, it´s so simple because the people only wants a new CFW (3.56, 3.60, 3.61, 3.70, 3.72, 3.73 or 4.00) and he always said´s that he had made a discover about the security of the firmware and he made drop out the LV0, MTLDR, or other things but he always acts maliciously and requesting that we pray for his help but after all he doesn´t want help us. Maybe that is the reason of the people to acts with anger and hate. I just look that, i don´t wanna attack to anybody for the acts that he does.

    Fifth I just wanna say thank you, thank very much, you are the person that we need in the world to stop the privation of the tecnology and the software. you are not a cyber pirate. You open worlds to the people and make a this world a better world.

    For a world without privatizations and the free software will prevail for ever.
    Salute to you.
    Nicolás from Chile.

  13. Hello, I am also a member of, and I wanted to thank you for all the work you do.
    excuse for my English.
    thanks again

  14. i kakaroto, i’m a moddingstudio member and i like your work, for sure you release a fantastic CFW for ps3


  15. non lasciatevi scoraggiare dalla gente ignorante perché sono solo invidiosi. Siete delle persone formidabili e solo degli stolti potrebbero dire certe menzogne. Io spero che il vostro lavoro continui e che ancora per tanto ci facciate sognare come abbiamo fatto fin ora grazie a voi alla vostra tenacia al vostro impegno. spero di avere al più presto delle buone notizie e che Mathieulh si renda conto che l’intero mondo che l’intero mondo vi sta aspettando.
    io e il forum di moddingstudio siamo con voi

  16. I’m not going to hate on any of the devs for their actions, other than to say that this whole debacle has devolved into something disgustingly childish – on both ends. Both the users who whine and bitch and moan about the devs not “releasing” anything (without really having a clue about how a hacking scene works at all, assuming they’re “entitled” to anything at all, etc. – meaning the majority of them should have been completely disregarded by anyone with even a lick of sense), and on the part of some of the devs (who I will not name) for being all “wahhhh [insert drama here] I’m quitting the internet 4evarz and I’m never sharing my work because u guise suck”. It’s all so goddamned pathetic. Every bit of it. If I could ever pull a “son, I am disappoint” moment, it would be now, but I don’t really have any right to do so.

    I just can’t believe that an entire scene has gridlocked itself into a gigantic bitchfest like this. I mean, there’s a solid difference between showing gratitude and respect to the people who sacrifice insane amounts of time and resources to bring out the full potential of a console, and having to hold them on a pedestal and suck their toes in reverance. I am more than thankful that there are people like Mat, Kak, DarkAlex, and even Geohot in this world who always come through for the less-skilled, and I fully understand that I am not entitled to anyone releasing any kind of end-user hacks of any kind, but we should not have to suffer because idiots on dashhacks are going “WHAR 3.73 JAILBREKZ MATHIEULH U R BIG GAY HOMO 4 NOT LEEK” on every post. Those idiots are the people who don’t deserve anything but a swift ban and a kick in the nads. Not that any of us “deserve” anything you as devs offer, but still, to punish everyone because of bratty 13 year olds with elevated senses of entitlement is just wrong.

    Also, and this is directed at “users”: there is a difference between posting a “proof of concept” demonstration to show that something is in the works, possibly leading to something bigger and better and more useful and meaningful, and “dangling something over users’ heads in cruelty”. If you can’t get that into your head, you simply don’t need to involve yourself and should kindly shut the fuck up. Because this kind of drama is exactly what you opening your mouth is going to produce. Get some goddamn patience or get the fuck out.

  17. Hi Kakaroto,
    i’m a Moddingstudio member and i’m proud to congratulate with you for your relentless work.

    I follow PS3 scene everyday and I know how it can be difficult to deal with ungrateful people, but you have to think that there are 10 person grateful for only 1 person ungrateful.

    I hope you keep it in your work, with passion.

    Kind regards!

  18. Hi kakaroto, I’m a member of moddingstudio too, I’m sorry about all the things the other users said; Ignore the things that this idiot says. sure of your patience I wish you good work. bye bye
    zapla and the moddingstudio

  19. Just thanks for your hard work and patience.
    By one of the millions and millions of thankfull users.
    ( form modding studio – italy )

  20. Hello Kakarot wanted to thank you for everything you’re doing! developers because you’re beautiful people because you do all this only in return for gratitude but sometimes even that is given to you! Hello courage Kakarot

  21. Kakaroto sei un grande!!! Continua così. Hai tutta la nostra stima!!!
    I don’ t speak english very well XD!!!

  22. Ciao Kakaroto anche io come utente di ti ringrazio per il tuo lavoro non preoccuparti di tutti quelli che ti hanno insultato noi siamo sempre con te!
    Non mollare sei un grande!

  23. hi kakaroto, i’m writing this line because all the users of believe in you and the other devs in the scene, don’t worry about people that don’t appreciate your work

  24. Hi KaKaRoTo, I’m a member of forum, I want to say you only a thing: don’t stop yourself! Don’t stop, you and all your friend devs, because everyone have a great thing, that too often people forget…this thing is FREEDOM! No one may take off you this thing! You must go ahead and belive in everything you like to do, not for me or for everyone who wrote here, but for YOU! So, thank you for all, and remember that I and all members of moddingstudio forum support you!

  25. Kakaroto,non dare ascolto a chi ti critica o offende,quei tizi non capiscono niente.Da parte mia e di tutti gli utenti di , un saluto e un GRAZIE di cuore,per tutto ciò che fai.

  26. Hi kakaroto! I am a member of moddingstudio too, and I want to tell you that we appreciate your work, and don’t worry if some people don’t respect you. I know, all these people are insufferable, but remember that there are so many other people that believe in you, and in the other devs! So hold on!
    Greetings from the members and staff of

    P.S. I have translated some parts of the text from google, so it may not be perfect.

  27. Only a few words, think you’re done something great, in Italy we said: “stupid’s mother is always pregnant”… don’t worry about few stupids people…there a lot of us believing you’re doing great things

  28. Hi guys thanks for everything you’ve done for the scene so far. Hope to see more from you as the scene seems to have died with the dongle rush.

  29. Hello Kakarot, you and I think you should stop and Mathieulh will not release anything until a good part of those who have insulted not apologize.
    The work you are doing you do it for free without being paid much less want to be mandatory, and many people like me thank you and make donations with PayPal, but you can hear people, or rather bimbiminkia, you insult and who want it all at once. Good work and good evening.

    For this comment I used google translator apologize if this is not all correct, but I’m Italian.

  30. Kakaroto = Santa Claus, Fai vedere anche alle persone grandi che Babbo Natale esiste ancora, portaci un grandissimo dono, sono in molti a ringraziarti per il lavoro che stai facendo.
    Buon Natale.

  31. Hello kakarotos have a ps3 that follows the scene of, I’m sorry that these things are told about the various comments, and I know how it feels to be insulted in the forum, because even I was insulted once to have helped forum to release some guys fix, which was first released in turn by another S. Dev, and then saw that it was just a fake, and so I was caught by some insult too, I understand that these insults you they go from upset, because I think that a large majority being insulted dev maybe you can hear COSI.I think that these insults do not have to give account, because they are mostly things said by children, because some might not care about the dev release that just something to play, as well cfw.penso some years that lack of trust too much because in all these months must have missed the big like you, most years only given false hope, and that in certain forums put fake videos of custom firmware for several months that’s why some years also a lack of confidence . I think you’re a large and Mathieu, I say if you see that I made ​​some insulting your own blog maybe you only think that has been done by a child who wants only his see it so, hopefully with wholeheartedly that the PS3 scene is resolved in some way and I thank you and kakarotos mhathieu you’re spending all this time for us and also for free that even if I know anything I would do the same on a thank you for everything you soon

  32. thx for all bro ! you DEV are very special people. You work hard for us without ask anything. Thx again bro i hope custom fw 4.00 will come soon.

  33. Hi KakarotoKs i an user of ModdingStudio an italian website and i want to tell you thank for all your work… dont listen the stupid people who tell something bad to you because they are stupid and something else but not you.. because i think you are a genius and a brave man… i believe in you and everyday i come to your profile and when i read people that insult and i gape… because why in this earth exist this kind of people that dont respect the work that other people do for them???
    hey i think that if you need any contribution me and moddingstudio will agree 🙂
    sorry my bad english but im italian ahahaa

  34. i’ve only one word….. AMAZING!!! you and Mathieulh are the best. And you are not listening the negative comments becouse that people are envious of your work.

    Good work friend!!! ^^

  35. ciao kakaroto sono un utente di moddigstudio ti chiedo solo una cosa lascia stare tutta la gente che ti accusa e che ti offende …anche io al tuo posto avrei mandato tutto a rotoli …pero’ quello che ti voglio dire e che ce molta piu’ gente di quanto tu immagini che crede in te e che e pronta a difenderti da tutti questi stupidi che offendono senza capire che ognuno di noi e libero di fare e aggire come vuole …..e tu in questo caso sei libero di aggire come vuoi ! 🙂 grazie cmq di tutto …..

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