PSFreedom 1.0 and lots of news!

Hi all,

I’ve wanted to post about PSFreedom for the last 4 days now but everytime there’s something that prevents me from doing so.. there is so much happening that it’s hard to keep up and I’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction!

PSFreedom has seen a tremendous success, it’s been featured on multiple news sites  including Engadget, we’ve had a huge number of ‘fans’ (more like leechers:p) popping up on the newly created IRC channel (#PSFreedom @ Someone (devz3ro) donated a domain and web hosting for our new website. The number of people who have worked hard to create a beautiful and well organized wiki to keep track of all the ports. The number of  people who have tried (and many succeeded) to port PSFreedom to so many different devices and those who sent me pull requests on github as well as those who simply read my code and reviewed it and decided to comment on my commits so I can improve the code.

Anyways, it has been a tremendous success, real community work and I want to thank personally everyone involved, everyone who helped, whether it be with a small or a big contribution to the project.

Now about the news, I have quite a few… first, a lot of people are asking me how to get this working on the N800 and N810! Well, it’s been working for a few days now, but the mass storage driver was conflicting and made the controller unstable. However, today, drizztbsd contributed a patch that fixes this issue (by killing hald-addon-usb) without modifying any file from your system, so enabling the exploit on the N800, N810 and N900 is all a matter of running the ./ script! There is also an easy to use graphical application that should be released today by MohammadAG and a special thank you to Bash who also contributed the PSFreedom logo.

I have also received a ton of requests from people to port this to the iPhone and/or one of their Symbian devices… my answer to that is : RTFM!! In other words, no it is simply *impossible*. It can only be ported to other Linux devices. However, we are close to having it work with IphoneLinux (actually, I just got confirmation a few seconds ago that it’s finally working) as NTAuthority spent countless hours porting it and fixing the controller’s incomplete driver in order to make this work. Once his port is finished, and stable, he will make it available to everyone, so stay tuned and follow the Device compatibility list on the wiki!

Other good news, PSFreedom has been ported to a huge amount of devices already, and the list keeps growing every day! We currently support and have working binaries for not only the N800/N810/N900 but also the Palm Pre, Archos 5 (Generation 6), Archos 5 IMT (Generation 7), as well as, thanks to the work of DocMon in porting PSFreedom to the MSM72K controller, The HTC Desire (Bravo), Nexus One, HTC Dream (G1), HTC Sapphire (HTC Magic 32A/32B), HTC HD2 (running Android), HTC Wildfire and I’ve received confirmation a few minutes ago that it’s been successfully ported to the HTC Evo as well as HTC Diamond. Also, waninkoko recently ported PSFreedom to work on the Dingoo open game console.

For the future, you can expect a lot more devices to be supported, like the iPhone/iPod (Through iPhoneLinux only) as well as the Gp2x Wiz game console, and the huge list of compatible devices available in our wiki. Also note that running the PSFreedom on an Android device isn’t as easy as it is on the N900, you need to flash some nandroid thing, then flash a custom kernel (because Android’s kernel sucks) then run PSFreedom in that environment, then run Nandroid again to restore your system… It is quite complicated but many people are working on making it much simpler to do, the famous AmonRA contacted me and said he started working on building a PSFreedom-compatible recovery image with a menu item to enable/disable the PSFreedom functionality.

There is one last  important bit of news I want to share with you : PSFreedom 1.0 has been released (more like tagged) and it adds support for many devices, the Makefile allows you to build for a specific platform by specifying it as a target, ‘make N900’ or ‘make Desire’ or ‘make Dingoo’ will build it for your needs with the right configuration. Also more importantly, this version will allow you to customize which payload or shellcode you want to send to your PS3 during the exploit. Many people have requested a version that allows you to play backups, while the original release of PSFreedom didn’t allow that, it quickly got patched to allow the backup manager to work. The new release of the PSGroove yesterday also adds 2 system calls that allows user space application to modify the GameOS kernel, and that meant a new payload is available for developers. This version of PSFreedom provides all these payloads and you can choose which one to set by simply copying it to /proc/psfreedom/payload once the module has been loaded. The same also applies to the shellcode.

That’s it for now, there are a ton of other news I’d like to share, but this post is long enough and I’d like to keep some surprises for next time!

Thanks to all for your support!


40 thoughts on “PSFreedom 1.0 and lots of news!

  1. Hi

    Is it possible to run this from a regular computer running a modern Linux? I have a Mac Mini running Ubuntu 10.04 next to my PS3 and using that would be the easiest solution for me.


  2. Any idea how I could find what usb controller my phone (lg gt540) uses to gain some idea of whether a port would be possible in the future. Its android 1.6 and rooted. thx.

  3. Hi,

    thanks for your work KaKaRoTo, keep it up 🙂

    Concerning the LG GT540: It is a Qualcomm MSM7227, config.gz states:

    # USB Function Support

    Sadly there is no possibility to flash another rom, fastboot seems to be disabled, sorry tretle

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  7. Helllo, the site isnt working, due to many requests? At least i discovered why I couldnt load my backup games lol.

    Anyone have a mirror to the version with backup enabled?

  8. Kakaroto,

    First of all, thank you very much for all this project. Homebrew on PS3 will be awesome! 🙂

    But I have a question: is it possible to run this exploit using PS3’s 3.15 firmware? I don’t want to lose Linux support, you know…

    Maybe some Homebrew will enable Linux again in newer firmwares, but for now I’d just like to know if this will work on 3.15 and, if not, if it can work.


  9. @Rodrigo: The website is moving to a new host, it will be available soon. In the meantime, use

    @Vitor Gatti: You’re welcome! No it’s not working on 3.15 for now, but it will hopefully be ported to it soon, so just be patient. I added your question to the FAQ as I’m sure others are about to ask me the same thing 🙂

  10. Kakaroto,

    Thanks for all the information! I hope someone port this to fw 3.15.

    Just a suggestion: you could insert a Flattr button in psfreedom website! I would donate that way (and already donated via PayPal).

  11. Dudes, in firmware 3.42 the exploit used by psfreedom is fixed, so unless a new exploit is discovered, there will be no psfreedom for 3.42.

  12. wave your work is very well but I have a question you can not put it in a motorola v8 model as this is linux thanks and waiting for more information

  13. hi does anyone know,whet this is going to be ready for the iphonelinux i bet the iphone comunity is asking the same question as me regards jhan

  14. wow i appreciate the knowledge of all the clever people who contributed to all these ports! and i hope psgroove will be ported to the gamepark holdings gp2x console someday 😉 may the code be with you!

  15. can you tell if its possible to port it on a htc mogul ? i cant find no answers , i would like to stop wondering . i know u can put linux on mogul but dont know anything more . thanx you

  16. I don’t think the Mogul is compatible at this moment. And from what Ive been reading about the phone, its a windows phone which is also a no-no. Just because you can put linux on something doesn’t mean it will work. I would be patient and see what happens with it….

  17. sorry for my English I’m from Venezuela. I failed to run the backup, then make copies as much as the internal and external hd and put another game, this comes to the PS3 main screen without loading the backup. I psfreedom works. I hope to help me.


  18. Remove the ‘do not bdemu if PSJ dongle was never connected’.. should allow devices like the iPhone to work without plugging device 6

    hey what does this can run on iphone..??

    iphone 4..??

  19. Thanks for hard work.
    Do you mind to tell me where I can download the most updated
    (PSFreedom 1.0) binary for dingoo?

    There are lot of people hosting your work. I do not know which binary is the most updated version.

  20. @Kakaroto Thanks for the different ports to the other devices But i have a question i have Samsung Wave its LinuxOs well BadaOs BASED on linux and i was wondering if you or someone could get this done or port it over also is there a TUTORIAL where it tr

  21. @Kakaroto Thanks for the different ports to the other devices But i have a question i have Samsung Wave its LinuxOs well BadaOs BASED on linux and i was wondering if you or someone could get this done or port it over also is there a TUTORIAL where it tells you how to port to new devices that are not listed like how you found out how to port to new devices.Also will the port for TomTom One V6 coming out any soon. Thanks

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  23. hi.
    Lg gt540 got android 2.1+ fastboot from couple days. is it posible now to run psfreedom on it? (how?)

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